what is full form of wifi ?

what is the full form of wifi? because there is a lot of definitions

What is the full form of wifi Interesting, The irony in this discussion is that everybody, besides Nick and the others, knows that they can simply unplug themselves and use the Wi-Fi in their own house? All that these others really have to worry about is what WiFi network their network is connected to.

what is the full form of wifi
Wifi full form

If they can figure out their network password or simply identify their network by seeing the WEP and WPA keys, they can switch on their WiFi. Also, I should note that anyone else in the group who would not know their network’s WEP/WPA key does not even have to spend a lot of time figuring it out.

As one example, I don’t know who is going to do what to get out of the shelter. The group believes that John and Chrissy are going to figure it out, and so it is likely that Nick will also have to get out of the shelter. If he does not figure it out before he leaves the shelter, then the others will. As this is highly unlikely, I expect Nick to figure out his network’s password when he gets to the Savage town hall.

Good point

Oh my god. Ok so basically, Nick is screwed because he knows that his network’s password. It sounds like something that would be hard to fake to someone who does not understand what wifi is, so it is definitely plausible. Also, as Nick correctly states, the others who do not know their network’s password are also in serious danger of going home without internet access. It is very easy to find out an IP address using your browser by simply checking with the same address that your router is connected to.

I think Nick knows his network password, but because he trusts the rest of the group so much, he is willing to risk going home without internet access just because he believes that it is highly unlikely that any of the others are going to make that very simple mistake. Of course, if Nick was smart enough to know that the others are always thinking that they are smarter than everyone else, and therefore even easier to fool, then he would not have such a hard time breaking into their network.

What is the full form of wifi?

This is an answer that we have gotten from quite a few people in our Slack chats. These are often people who are willing to get into the weirdest internet riddles out there, but once they get out of the system, the answers always make sense.

I can’t think of an example, but I think Nick is going to say something like wifi.net, which is what we use for our home wifi network. The what is the full form of wifi is wifi.net. This is also what Nick is going to say 

Nick might try to leave Aubry’s shelter at the first opportunity. Or, he may leave at the start of the day on Day 9 and try to make it back to camp. At the very least, he will make sure to set his phone to go into airplane mode at the start of the day so that there is no chance that he will be able to use the wifi there.

Why is he trying to leave?

Nick wants to try to make it back to his friend. Nick believes that Aubry is going to leave the shelter and try to go back to the HWC or if not that, then she will try to go back to her house to get some internet access.

What does he have to do?

All that Nick has to do is look for a network that has an open connection. After he finds one, he should log in and connect to it.

Will he do it?

It is highly likely that he will attempt to find a network. He will likely do it over the course of the first two days, or at least it is highly likely that he would be able to find a network within the first two days.

Why does he do it?

Because he believes that he will not make it back to his friend’s house with internet access. He believes that he will get back to camp without internet, so he makes sure that he is trying to get the best possible internet access at the beginning of the game.

Does Nick know what the other players are saying about Aubry?

Nick seems to understand how important it is that he is taking advantage of his brief time with the other players. He will likely try to talk to anyone that will listen to him so that he can get to the bottom of anything that is being said.

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