How to take loan in ntc - How to get loan in ntc

Nepal Telecom - How to take loan in ntc

How to take loan in ntc - How to get loan in ntc

How to take loan in ntc, service, also known as the Loan Senapati service. Namaste Credit service has been fully launched with effect from 30th March 2018, allowing NTC GSM prepaid customers to make calls even when they do not have a balance. The service is available free of charge.

"How to take loan in ntc"  This service was being provided by Ncell for a long time but NTC has started this service in March 2018. The prepaid user who has used SIM for at least 3 months is eligible to apply for an NTC loan. Like Ancel, you can repay the loan the next time you recharge your phone.

The best part of How to get loan in ntc is that the company claims that there will be no additional charges or any service charges for the loan service. You will not have to pay any additional charges for your loan. You can make phone calls, SMS on any network, and access the internet from the loan amount.

One can take an NTC loan as many times as he wants, but it requires clearing the old loan. NTC loan is different from Ncell loan service because NTC provides it free of cost whereas Ncell charges you some service fee.

important features How to take a loan in ntc

NT prepaid users can avail of loans up to Rs. 40. Credit balance depends on the utilized balance from the account.

Once the user recharges his mobile balance the same amount will be deducted.

The service is free of interest and other service charges.

No call drop if loan service is activated earlier.

The NT Prepaid SIM card must be in use for at least three months to use the facility 

How to take loan in ntc


Know the steps on How to get a loan in NTC loan credit card service.

To start NTC loan service: Type 'Start' and save it as 1477. send message to

To get status information about NTC loan service: Type 'status' and message it to 1477.

To stop the NTC loan service: type 'stop' and send a message to 1477.


Note: To use NT Credit service, customers need to use prepaid NT SIM cards older than 3 months.


NTC Credit service provides continuity of calls even if the Nepal Telecom mobile subscriber has a low balance or out of balance. You can enjoy this service when you have exhausted your balance and facing difficulty in topping up your mobile.

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