6 Affiliate Marketing Tips - 2021

What if 2021 could be your year for making money online through affiliate marketing? Now, I can't guarantee your success. YOU are ultimately responsible for your accomplishments from the work You put in. You have to do the work. I  can't do it for you. Sorry! But, I can show you how other affiliate marketers are succeeding today. So that YOU can find your own way to replicate similar or better results in 2021.

6 Affiliate Marketing Tips 2021

Here are Six ate Marketing AffiliTips 2021 to make 2021 YOUR year to finally succeed as an affiliate marketer. Informing YOU of everything you want and need to know about affiliate marketing. Now, these tips are going to be a  mixture of strategies, tactics, and tips. And stick around to the very end because tip number six will blow your mind. 

1. You can start affiliate marketing without a website. 

This is a really common question for complete beginners. There are actually two ways to do this. Both ways allow direct affiliate links. So you don't need a website or landing page. You just make content on other sites and link directly to your affiliate offer. When someone buys from your direct affiliate link, you get an affiliate commission. The first way is. The first way is.YouTube. YouTube allows affiliate links... So just make easy and helpful videos... And include direct affiliate links in the video description. Be sure to add an affiliate disclaimer. Here's an example of a video on the "9  Coolest Gadgets 2020 | Available on Amazon". Scroll down, and you will actually notice that they have amazon links in the description. Click on them and you'll notice they are affiliate links. It is important to note that direct linking is not recommended in every scenario... But it does work for YouTube channels that produce good content and get a lot of views. So, if you say... "I can't start affiliate marketing,  because I do not have a website." Well, that's just an excuse to avoid trying in the first place. Websites are very easy to build today... But they are not required to get started. The second way is Medium.com... You can actually publish content on Medium.com. So you leverage their website instead of your own. Medium also allows affiliate links... As long as you disclose you have included affiliate links in the content. Your content on Medium can rank. You're basically borrowing the authority of Medium.com and using it for yourself. Do a search in google and you will find articles like this from Medium.com ranking on page one. It's also important to note that you should have an email capture form to collect email addresses and build your own list. But you can create basic capture forms and landing pages on most email marketing platforms today. And get away with not having a website to start out with.   (Which reduces the complexity and gets you started faster.

2. You can create YouTube videos without showing your face.

This concept of no face videos is really popular right now.   You can video record slides without your face and just your voice. Just like this. Or you can...  Or you can hire people to make these videos for you from Fiverr (for reasonable prices.

3. Focus on one strategy until it works for you and hit a specific goal with it.  

There are a million and one different ways to make money online...  That's the beauty of it... and also the curse. So there are so many... really, too many... directions you can take. Blogging Affiliate Marketing  Amazon Selling Products Dropshipping Creating Info products Search Engine Marketing Kindle Publishing OMG All strategies promise you thousands a day. The problem is... We jump strategies before we figure out the first one. (Also known as shiny object syndrome...) And this action actually slows your progress. And waste your money... Each strategy is complex enough to learn. So take the time to really understand and master each one. And give yourself a chance to actually succeed. 

4. Move over affiliate program 

ClickBank. Hello Digistore24? Digistore24 does not have as many products as ClickBank in the US market. But they have an Affiliate Referral Program. This means affiliates can recruit other affiliates to promote your product. And receive a share of all the sales made by the new second level affiliate. Because of this... Digistore24 is an affiliate network worth watching in 2021. It's important to note: The affiliate referral program must be activated for each product. So this option may not be available for every affiliate product on Digistore24. 

5. Prepare for Friction and Haters

The more you start making progress towards success, the more people will question you,   doubt you, try to detour you, and deflate you. When this happens... Keep pushing!! The resistance means you're about to have a breakthrough. 

6. Failing forward 

is the best way to make progress. What? No way? Yep. You will make more progress by failing forward than trying to do everything perfectly... Which can prevent you from doing anything at all. You will learn what works and what doesn't. By actually doing it:) Here's to you crushing 2021! If you are serious about succeeding with affiliate marketing in 2021,   definitely check out my links below. 

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